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July 31, 2020, 03:00 PM

Connecting Leadership & Followership

A talk by Sharna Fabiano
Coach & Trainer, Sharna Fabiano Coaching

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A former tango instructor, Sharna offers a fresh perspective on how practicing leadership and followership as interdependent skill sets can strengthen teamwork from the inside out.

We understand the importance of great leadership, but what about its counterpart, great followership? The concept of following is usually dismissed as passive or subordinate, but that stereotype isn’t necessarily the real truth. Instead, followership can be a clear way to articulate the “yin” or responsive qualities to leadership’s “yang” or directive qualities.

This session shifts the perspective on professional power from a leader-centric, top-down model to a leader/follower, bi-directional model. The leader/follower framework promotes greater inclusion in the work place by demonstrating precisely why and how all employees are valuable and influential, not only those acting as leaders or named to official leadership positions.

Using tango social dance as a metaphor, you’ll learn specific followership actions that correspond to familiar leadership actions (for example: listening corresponds to speaking). Discussion questions during the presentation help you to identify where you can be a stronger follower in your own work environment by considering three identifiable stages of relationship-building: connection, collaboration, and creation.

*Photography in this presentation by Stephen Baranovics

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This 30-page e-book tells the story of two students who take a tango lesson together. You'll learn 3 pitfalls/insights for the leading role and 3 myths/epiphanies associated with the lesser known (but equally powerful) following role. Learn how dancers train in the creative leader-follower dynamic and how it can rapidly transform working relationships with your colleagues, your team, and your boss.

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